Bingo Girls of the UK

Bingo for Girls in the UK

Bingo is a game that is played in the UK for more than few centuries in a row but never did this game have so many feminine fans until now. Bingo halls across the UK are filled with women that play and enjoy bingo games every now and then and current statistics published in the reviews of the best UK online gambling sites prove that UK's girls play more than the boys do.

About 10% of the girls in the UK are playing bingo on a constant basis and only 6.5% of the men in the UK attend bingo hall on a daily basis. Bingo is indeed a feminine "gambling" game.

These figures can be easily understood if one takes in conclusion that women prefer social gambling activities that enable them to chat and talk to other people while waiting for the results of each game. There's nothing better to do on a Sunday afternoon than going to play bingo with your mates, that's what 23% of the UK's girls decided in a recent survey conducted in the region of London and Belfast.

And so, according to the current feminine UK bingo trend was launched to the air to give the girls of the UK a solid base to study the online bingo industry in the UK along with UK bingo news and this special poker guide that will help you develop your Texas Holdem poker skills.

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